British far-right coalition government, parody song

This parody music video from Britain is called N-DUPz – “I Need You“.

The song is a parody of British hip hop group N-Dubz’ I Need You. That group consisted of members Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer.

The parody says about itself:

11 June 2017

N-DUPz are (l-r): Duppy, Tulisa May and Foster.


Last night was a blur, but I remember a
Strange phone call from Theresa May
She had a majority but lost a bunch of seats
Needed a coalition tout de suite
Say hello to the DUP
Reprehensible views on abortion
No homosexuality
It’s immoral, offensive and obnoxious
See, I don’t understand how could love a man
Save Ulster from sodomy and get it fucking banned
We also believe climate change is a con
And creationism should be taught in every classroom

I dropped a ball, I need propping up
Come form a government with me, DUP I need you

Fuck the Good Friday Agreement
This is too damn convenient
Let’s keep Great Britain blue
Oh DUP, I need you
I’ve been searching all over parliament
The Lib Dems called us charlatans
Desperation dictates
DUP, I need you

The results of the UK election are a disaster for the British ruling class: here.

12 thoughts on “British far-right coalition government, parody song

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