British Theresa May, satiric song

This parody music video from Britain is called Theresa May – “Fields of Wheat”.

The song is a parody of Fields of Gold by British singer Sting.

It says about itself:

10 June 2017

Get a bit misty-eyed with Theresa May‘s nostalgic new single “Fields of Wheat“.


You’ll remember me with a rueful smile
When you’re left with Boris and the DUP
You can tell The Sun I’m strong and stable now
As I run through fields of wheat

So I took my friends for to run a while
Among the fields of barley
The farmers weren’t too pleased
They shouted stuff at us
Like, “Get off our fields of wheat!

Now I take my love, my lovely husband Phillip
Back to those fields of barley
We’ll forget what happened in that election I called
Then we’ll go home and he’ll do the dishes

5 thoughts on “British Theresa May, satiric song

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