Nazi murders woman

This video says about itself:

Nazi Policies towards Women

How women were treated in the Third Reich.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Polish man suspected of knifing a Rabobank employee in Utrecht … is a self-proclaimed misogynist with nazi sympathies.

Lukasz S. was already convicted in Poland in 2013 for attempted murder or manslaughter, RTV Utrecht writes.

He killed the Utrecht woman, Ms Corrie van den Brink. Before, he had written on Facebook that feminists should be raped. Besides Hitler, he also admired Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders. He is a fundamentalist Christian.

1 thought on “Nazi murders woman

  1. Friday 9th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Women’s Equality Party hopeful subject to ‘disgusting’ threats

    by Felicity Collier

    POLICE have launched an investigation after a Women’s Equality Party candidate was sent a death threat branded “racist and disgusting” by anti-racism campaigners yesterday.

    A letter was sent to the party headquarters of Nimco Ali, who stood in Hornsey and Wood Green, which was signed “Jo Cox” after the Labour Party MP who was murdered by a neonazi near her constituency office last summer.

    Ms Ali said she had been receiving abuse online for weeks.

    The party office reported that they had been inundated with threatening calls in the run-up to the general election, including from one man who telephoned to say that he was 10 minutes away and warned the office staff they should be scared.

    The party said that the abusive phone calls started after leaflets were sent to potential voters containing contact details for its headquarters.

    Women’s Equality Party spokeswoman Catherine Riley said: “We’ve had dozens of calls from men shouting that we have enough equality, that we are idiots. It ramped up during the day.

    “It is not right that this is happening. It’s not what politics should look like. It shows the desperate need for more diverse voices and the reason why those voices are bullied out of the public sphere.”

    Police advised the party to upgrade their phone security, according to Catherine Mayer who founded the party in 2015 with broadcaster Sandi Toksvig.

    The party’s policies include tackling violence against women and working towards equal representation in Parliament.

    Ms Ali said: “I’ve received abuse before for my campaigning work, but a death threat is different. It’s too much — I am strong but I am not superhuman. You don’t agree with me, fine. But don’t threaten to rape me.

    “They are targeting me because I am young, black and loud, I guess — but I am standing for good things. I want the world to be a better place. We have to show there is more love in the world than hate.”

    Stand Up To Racism co-convenor Weyman Bennett told the Star: “There’s been a big spike in racist attacks — in particular on Muslim and black women.

    “We find this particular form of racism disgusting.

    “We expect the authorities to do everything to stop this.”

    Ms Ali posted on Twitter yesterday: “The fact my little brother had to say ‘stay safe’ and not just good luck on this historic day just broke my heart a little.”

    Anti-austerity activist Jack Monroe tweeted in support of Ms Ali, saying: “Tireless campaigner, selfless heart, Somaliborn refugee, hero.”


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