British Conservatives lose majority, Corbyn’s Labour wins votes

This 8 June 2017 video says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn says UK Prime Minister Theresa May should resign after triumphant night for Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn, whose political career reached unexpected heights as the results of the UK’s general election filtered through last night, has urged Prime Minister Theresa May to stand down after a dismal night for the Conservatives.

According to the BBC this morning, the British general election has resulted in a hung parliament.

Theresa May‘s Conservatives lost 12 seats so far, and lost their majority in parliament. In spite of people voting UKIP last time voting Conservative now.

Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour party won 29 seats. They got over 40% of the vote, bigger than they used to have for a long time.

Tony Blair‘s Labour won the 2005 election with just 35% of the vote; as the Conservatives were doing badly then as well.

In the 2010 election, under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Labour got just 29%. In the 2015 election, under Ed Miliband, Labour got 30%.

So, under Corbyn, so ‘unelectable’ according to the Conservatives, to the Blairite pro-Iraq war and pro-austerity Labour politicians and the media pundit class, Labour did far, far better than under Blair, under Brown who did one almost invisible baby step to the left compared to Blair, and under Miliband, who did one more baby step.

Corbyn’s bigger step to the left has worked. The Blairites should shut up.

And Theresa May, after losing her election, should quit Downing Street 10. As Jeremy Corbyn has asked. As Conservative MP Anna Soubry has asked.

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