British government refuses transparency on terrorism financing

This video says about itself:

24 March 2017

People gathered at a vigil in memory of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox at Parliament Square. They left candles, flowers, and hand-written tributes in memory of the MP Jo Cox in central London, Britain, 17 June 2016. Jo Cox was reported dead at the hospital in Leeds after being shot [by a nazi and South African apartheid supporter] and critically injured in Birstall on 16 June. Cox was airlifted from the attack scene to a hospital in Leeds where she later died.

And now, after the London Bridge atrocity

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, about Britain:

[Labour party leader] Corbyn also wants [Conservative Prime Minister] May to publish the results of an investigation into the financing of extremist groups from abroad. May refuses that so far. The investigation, commissioned by former Prime Minister Cameron, is said to focus primarily on Saudi Arabia. Last year, the Conservatives received a lot of criticism due to a big arms deal with the Saudi government.

3 thoughts on “British government refuses transparency on terrorism financing

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