Water lilies, coot babies and swifts

This video says about itself:

5 September 2012

Water lily flower, Nymphaea alba opening time-lapse.

Filmed by Neil Bromhall for www.rightplants4me.co.uk.

Two flowers were filmed in my studio over a period of 7 days. Interval 1 frame every 4 – 8 minutes. I used grow lights to get the flower to open and studio flash for constant exposures.

Water lily flowers open and close only three times after which the flower will wither and submerge underwater where the seeds will ripen.

The flower needs full sun to stimulate it to open.

The time-lapse shows how perfectly the petals fold in on themselves to keep the flower watertight when closed.

Music “Days of future past” by Debbie Wiseman

Today, the water lilies close to where I live have opened their flowers.

Coot parents feeding their small chick. Another chick swam a bridge further.

Swifts flying while calling.

Blackbird and chaffinch singing.

3 thoughts on “Water lilies, coot babies and swifts

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