United States Washington Post and military-industrial complex

This 29 May 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Washington Post Doesn’t Disclose Writers Paid By Defense Industry

10 thoughts on “United States Washington Post and military-industrial complex

  1. The Washington Post has a bad track record

    When Tom Perriello launched his campaign for governor of Virginia, he did it without regard for what the establishment might say or who was “next in line.” He launched his campaign on a bold, progressive platform because it was right—and because for too long families in this country have not been given a fair shot. Now polls show he is in a position to win despite his opponent’s much bigger war chest.

    In addition the establishment is rushing in to stop Tom. Some, like those at the Washington Post, believe that Democrats should run as “Republican-lite.” When the Washington Post endorsed Tom’s opponent, they specifically cited his close relationship with Republicans and their pitch to get him to switch parties.

    We all remember when the Washington Post editorial writers went after Bernie day after day. Now that they are supporting Tom’s opponent we know we are on the right side. If we as progressives are not taking dramatic steps to fix the problems in this country, we will not win elections and we are not doing what’s right for working families. The Post didn’t get it right in 2016—with disastrous results—and they don’t get it now.

    Will you help show it’s time for bold progressives who will not waver in our commitment to working families? Make a contribution of $27 to Tom Perriello and send a powerful message across the country.

    Tom has led on every progressive policy in this race—bold action on climate change, rejecting contributions from the state’s largest corporate donor and utility, free community college, a living wage of $15—and the establishment believes this is a strike against him.

    This fight is bigger than Virginia. I remember with great appreciation the support you gave Bernie during some tough fights. Our movement needs you more than ever. This is one of the most important Democratic primaries this year—and I can guarantee you that candidates, the media, and people across the country are watching to see what happens here.

    The choice is between a bold progressive or an establishment candidate who voted for George W. Bush, twice. Between incremental and fundamental change. And between a party that fights for aggressive action on the issues we care about or a party that is defined by not rocking the boat too much.

    Make a contribution of $27 to Tom Perriello before Election Day, June 13 and show the country what type of candidates and party we need.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver


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