English violent Islamophobe sentenced

This video from England says about itself:

Pregnant Woman Kicked

7 February 2017

A man who attacked a 34-year-old pregnant [Somali] Muslim woman, who went on to lose her unborn twins, has been charged.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Racist thug jailed for kicking pregnant Muslim in stomach

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

A VIOLENT racist was sentenced yesterday to 47 months in jail for repeatedly kicking a pregnant Muslim woman in the stomach, after which she had a miscarriage.

David Gallacher’s attack on Samsam Haji-Ali and her husband Abdullah Sulamain on August 6 last year began with verbal abuse in the Co-op store in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury Crown Court heard.

Mr Gallacher, 37, then physically attacked Ms Haji-Ali in the store’s car park, repeatedly kicking her in the stomach, and ignoring her cries of: “I’m pregnant.” He also attacked Mr Sulamain.

Prosecutor Christopher Wing said Mr Gallacher told the pregnant woman: “You come here with your clown outfit on, you fucking people, you are the fucking problem in this place.”

Ms Haji-Ali miscarried on August 24. Judge Francis Sheridan branded Mr Gallacher “a thug and a racist” whose “vile conduct and abhorrent views are a thing of the past.”

15 thoughts on “English violent Islamophobe sentenced

    • Would you also have written, if this would have happened to a pregnant woman who happened to be white: ‘We don’t know if the babies would have become mass murderers like Anders Breivik or Timothy McVeigh’?


      • Yeah, that first comment shows a mind that’s been indoctrinated to obey the dominant culture. That’s what’s wrong with society. Too many people are ignorant and hateful. That despicable mind set brought the twisted psychopath donald trump into the U.S. government. World beware…


        • Yes, it shows influence by Islamophobic politicians like Trump to immediately associate Muslims with violence; while there are also violent minorities among Christians, atheists, Jews, Shintoists etc. etc.

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