First ever young sea eagle hatched in Dutch Groningen

This 12 May 2017 Dutch regional broadcaster RTV Noord video is about conservation organisation Het Groninger Landschap officially notifying Haren local authority, which includes Hunzedal nature reserve, of the birth of a young white-tailed (aka: sea) eagle.

Dutch Dagblad van het Noorden daily reported on 9 May 2017 that the first ever young sea eagle of Groningen province hatched in the Hunzedal nature reserve, close to the Zuidlaardermeer lake.

Sea eagles had been extinct in the Netherlands for centuries but came back as nesting birds ten years ago.

The Hunzedal parents are a young couple which had already been in the area for years. This spring it was their first egg. In this area live otters, beavers and rare birds like white-winged black terns as well.

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