American robin nest feeding time video

This video from New York state in the USA says about itself:

Male Robin Feeds Chick (12 May 2017) on the Cornell Lab | Sapsucker Woods American Robin Cam

Watch live with highlights and information here.

This pair of robins has built a nest on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, right near the shore of Sapsucker Woods pond. The nest is an open cup of grass and twigs held together with a thick layer of mud and lined with fine dry grass. The female built the nest from the inside, pressing dead grass and twigs around them into a cup shape using the wrist of one wing. This nest site is well protected from the elements, tucked beneath an overhang and out of the wind.

The male will bring food to the nest for the nestlings, but the female (who wears a band on her right leg) will do all of the incubation and brooding. American Robins eat large numbers of both invertebrates and fruit. Particularly in spring and summer they eat large numbers of earthworms as well as insects and some snails. (They have rarely been recorded eating shrews, small snakes, and aquatic insects.) Robins also eat an enormous variety of fruits, including chokecherries, hawthorn, dogwood, and sumac fruits, and juniper berries. One study suggested that robins may try to round out their diet by selectively eating fruits that have bugs in them.

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