British filmmaker Loach’s new Corbyn film

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn writes about this video:

In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn | documented by Ken Loach

21 September 2016

Ken Loach is one of the greatest directors of our time. I was thrilled that he asked to follow our campaign for two days this summer.

He documented people sharing their personal stories and discussing their reasons for supporting our agenda. These stories show why Labour must transform and rebuild Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Loach to make film on Corbyn

Wednesday 10th May 2017

KEN LOACH is making a film about Jeremy Corbyn to “show what he’s really like,” the acclaimed director revealed yesterday.

The film-maker is spending time on the road with the Labour leader during the party’s election campaign and plans to make a political broadcast which will focus on his personal nature.

Mr Loach, who made the award-winning film I, Daniel Blake, said he felt Mr Corbyn’s ability to bond with ordinary people wasn’t being reported fairly.

He said: “All the evidence shows they’re [the mainstream media] hostile to him in a way that’s quite different to any other political leader. So we’re trying to get it on record that he is actually a human being.”

Mr Loach is a strong supporter of the Labour leader, and thinks that ending privatisation of the NHS is the “biggest and most important idea.”

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