Birds of Argentina, new app

This 27 April 2017 video, in Spanish, is about the new app on birds in Argentina.

From BirdLife:

9 May 2017

Discover the birds of Argentina with this new free app

Planning a trip to Argentina but don’t know their birds yet? Aves Argentinas has got your back. Their new free mobile app has just been launched and will make it easier than ever to identify birds through a variety of filters.

It’s another sunny day in Costanera Sur, the best know nature reserve in Buenos Aires. For the third time today, the same unidentified bird is perching in a tree in front of you. About time you found out what you’re looking at. You tap on your “Aves Argentinas” app and put on the filters: brown colour, medium size, found in parks. There it is: a Checkered Woodpecker, Veniliornis mixtus.

As of last week, when travelling around Argentina, you don’t need to worry about taking your weighty bird guide with you. Two taps away, birders living in the country will be able to easily identify 365 of the most common and emblematic birds.

The app “Aves Argentinas” is available for Android and iOS users and contains more than 1500 photos, songs, information and maps of the 365 most common and emblematic bird species of the country. Once downloaded you don’t even need an internet connection, since the guide has been developed so that travellers can take it to remote places.

Through different search filters like province, size, colour, season of the year and habitat type, among many others, one can find and identify the species that are seen in gardens, balconies, parks or urban reserves.

Download the app for free (in Spanish): Android or iOS.

For each species there are photos, songs, a distribution map and a complete listing with the description, the most common names, scientific name and name in English, habitat, food, behaviour and their migrations – an invaluable educational tool so that the youngest can get to know and value their natural heritage and a comprehensive guide for those who want to dive into the fascinating world of birdwatching.

In the app section “The World of Birds” you will find an introduction about the life and behaviours of our feathered friends, information about their classification, the problems that affect them, the plans to protect them and recommendations on how and where to observe them.

This application is a collaborative tool made by dozens of photographers, authors and sound artists from Aves Argentinas (BirdLife in Argentina), the oldest environmental organization in Latin America. With 100 years of experience and more than 3000 supporters, the organization works to save wild birds and the nature of this richly biodiverse country while seeking to inspire people to feel passionate about birds.

The app was developed by Aves Argentinas to celebrate their centenary, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and the National Park Administration.

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