Nazi paraphernalia in German army barracks

This video, recorded in France, says about itself:

3 May 2017

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen visited an army barracks outside Strasbourg, Wednesday, where the German soldier named ‘Lieutenant Franco A.’ served before his arrest. The lieutenant was charged with plotting an attack which he reportedly planned to blame on refugees.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Nazi paraphernalia found in German barracks

Today, 12:54

Nazi paraphernalia have been found in a barracks in central Germany. Inspectors of the army had investigated there after a tip.

In a recreation room in the barracks in Fürstenberg there was a display of steel helmets of the Wehrmacht [Adolf Hitler’s armed forces]. The attached text “denazified” is thought to be ironic. There were also pistols and machine guns from the German armed forces of the Second World War. On the wall was a painting of a Wehrmacht soldier with a gun over his shoulder.

Franco A.

The discovery was immediately reported to Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. She spoke yesterday about the scandal of Lieutenant Franco A. She takes into account that more incidents in the army with a right-extremist background will come to light. In the barracks of Lieutenant Franco A. there were also found things which glorify the Wehrmacht.

The lieutenant had posed as a Syrian refugee, but is now suspected of preparing a terrorist attack as a member of an extreme right-wing network [aiming to blame the terrorism on refugees].

Following the case of the lieutenant, Von der Leyen was strongly critical of the leadership of the Bundeswehr. Yesterday she retracted that criticism partly.

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