French voters anti-Le Pen, not pro-Macron

Valentin Trussardi, NOS photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, about interviews with French voters about the second round of the presidential election, tomorrow:

“I’m convinced Macron will win tomorrow, so he does not need my vote,” says Valentin Trussardi. The 22-years-old student always votes for the left. Tomorrow he will stay home. “I’m against fascism, the ideas of Marine Le Pen, I will never vote for her,” he says. But he is equally scathing when it comes to what he calls the “dictatorship of finance“.

“That’s what Macron stands for, he’s from the banks. With his liberal [what in the USA would be called: conservative] program, he makes people poor and needy. The pressure on people who do not want to vote for Macron is terrible,” he says. “People say thay as I’m staying at home, I supposedly help Le Pen. I feel that pressure everywhere. But that’s not so bad. On Monday it will be over.”

Anne-Françoise Prunieres Pillias, NOS photo

Anne-Françoise Prunieres Pillias will also vote blank tomorrow. She is active in the extreme-left [as the NOS calls it] movement of former candidate Mélenchon. “It does not make sense to vote for Macron, to stop Le Pen,” she says.

“If we do not get Le Pen now, we’ll get her in five years, because under Macron everything will get worse. More people will be dissatisfied, and so she’ll win in five years.”


30 thoughts on “French voters anti-Le Pen, not pro-Macron

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