Golden oriole, flamingos in Winterswijk and Germany

This video from Latvia is about a golden oriole nest. It shows the young birds, fed by their father.

On the day after 3 May 2017 in Winterswijk, 4 May, we went north from Winterswijk. Near a lake we heard a male golden oriole sing. Probably, he had just returned from Africa, and had survived illegal hunters in Malta and elsewhere on his spring migration.

We arrived at Zwillbrocker Venn nature reserve, on the Dutch-German border.

Zwillbrocker Venn, 4 May 2017

A curlew calls.

We arrived at the lookout tower near the lake. Thousands of black-headed gulls. A few Mediterranean gulls nest here too, but we could not find them.

Scores of flamingos. Many Chilean flamingos; also greater flamingos and Caribbean flamingos. Mainly offspring of feral birds, they nest here, and winter mainly in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

How a flamingo balances on one leg: here.

Tufted ducks swimming.

On the other side of the tower, a brimstone butterfly, and a singing tree pipit.

Flamingos and black-headed gulls, 4 May 2017

Then, we arrived at a hide. A better view of the black-headed gulls and flamingos.

Flamingos and black-headed gulls, on 4 May 2017

A male shoveler duck swimming past.

Also, many gadwall ducks.

Flamingos, black-headed gulls, gadwall and shoveler ducks, 4 May 2017

Near a second hide was a great cormorant nesting colony.

Chilean flamingos in Roegwold nature reserve, Groningen: here.

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