French presidential elections update

Lea, French Mélenchon voter, NOS photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today; interviewing a spectator who, with others in Paris, had seen the debate yesterday between French presidential candidates Macron and Le Pen:

“First, I wanted to vote blank because I do not want to know anything about both candidates. It’s a choice between the plague and the cholera,” says [leftist candidate] Mélenchon voter Lea (25). “But now I’ll reluctantly go for Macron to stop the Front National.”

But Lea actually despises him [Macron]. “He is a puppet, but he has got the media behind him, that’s why he is in the second round.” …

Lea gets her coat on. She lasted for an hour watching the TV debate, but at 23:00 she thought enough was enough. She wants to get the metro right now.

Macron did not convince her. “He will get my vote and I think he will win.” But her heart is not in that. “It has become clear to me that I do not want to see Le Pen on TV.”

French election debate: Macron, Le Pen promote militarism, attacks on immigrants: here.

Paris youth speak to WSWS: “I don’t want to vote for the right just because I’m afraid of Le Pen”: here.

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