Jewish Ukrainian persecuted for death of Hitler collaborator

This is a 10 February 1943 Dutch nazi propaganda video. It is about the burial of Dutch General H.A. Seyffardt, the commander of the Dutch Waffen SS fighters collaborating with Adolf Hitler’s war. The Dutch SS men participated in many Holocaust atrocities in the Soviet Union, especially in the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. On 5 February 1943, Dutch resistance group against the nazi occupation of the Netherlands CS-6 killed Seyffardt. Nazi propaganda in the Netherlands, as, eg, in this video depicted Seyffardt as a hero and CS-6 as ‘terrorists‘. Most people in the Netherlands saw Seyffardt as a traitor. People like CS-6, after the end of the German occupation, were honoured by the Dutch government as heroes.

In the government of Ukraine today, values seem to be upside down in this.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ukraine: Jewish war hero probed over killing of WWII nazi collaborator

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

UKRAINE’S far-right coup regime has launched a murder probe into a Jewish war hero for killing a nazi collaborator in battle.

Colonel Boris Steckler faces trial over the 1952 death of Neil Hasiewicz in a gun battle in Rivne Oblast on Ukraine’s western border.

Russia’s Pravda reported last week that the case was launched on April 18. Col Steckler does not deny he killed the terrorist who served as a fascist propagandist and district judge during the WWII nazi occupation.

Since the 2014 Maidan Square coup, backed by the US and the EU, the government has sought to rehabilitate nazi collaborators.

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of the Odessa trade union house massacre, with still no prospect of justice for the victims from the Kiev authorities.

Over 40 people were killed when neo-nazi thugs besieged pro-democracy protesters inside the building before setting it alight, blocking the exits so they couldn’t escape.

27 thoughts on “Jewish Ukrainian persecuted for death of Hitler collaborator

  1. I am not surprised. Nothing good towards Jews is expected from the Ukrainians. I am surprised that so many Jews are still there and more are traveling back and forth to take advantage of economic opportunities. Doesn’t history teach us anything?


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