Turkish police arrests May Day demonstrators

This video says about itself:

1 May 2017

Turkish police arrested dozens [a very low estimate] of people as anti-government protesters sought to defy a ban and march to Istanbul’s Taksim Square to celebrate May Day on Monday (May 1). VIDEO: REUTERS

Dutch NOS TV reports today that Turkish police has arrested at least 207 people for wanting to demonstrate on May Day, International Workers Day.

Police of the Erdogan regime used tear gas and rubber bullets against the May Day demonstrators.

12 thoughts on “Turkish police arrests May Day demonstrators

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  4. May 1 Crisis Desk: 105 people detained in Istanbul

    Istanbul May 1 Crisis Desk announced that 105 people have been detained during police crackdown on May Day demonstrations.

    Istanbul May 1 Crisis Desk made a statement on the police crackdown against participants of May Day events. The Crisis Desk stated that several political groups wanted to commemorate the workers slain on May 1, 1977 in Taksim, but state forces detained many people in response.

    The Crisis Desk announced that 105 people have been detained at İstiklal Avenue, Beşiktaş, Talimhane, Gayrettepe, Zincirlikuyu and Okmeydanı areas of İstanbul as of 12:30. Some of the detainees were taken to police stations whereas others are being kept in police vehicles.

    While the detainees remained handcuffed behind the back during their medical examination after detention, the Crisis Desk said “3 of the detainees are lawyers. Some of the detainees are injured by rubber bullets.”

    Lastly, the Crisis Desk said “The Chief Public Prosecutor in charge of the procedures at Istanbul Courthouse for the area in and around Taksim Square stated that he was not informed of an instruction or acts of detainments so far. Attempts were made to apply to the Court of Peace for the release of the detainees but there were no judges or officials on duty at the Courthouse.”

    Source: ANF 02-05-2017


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