Dancing crane video

This 13 April 2017 video is about a dancing common crane.

Bert Duker in the Netherlands made this video.

Austrian mercenary suspect of war crimes in Ukraine

This video says about itself:

Nazis Glorified in Ukraine: SS uniforms on display at reburial service for Ukrainian WWII veterans

12 August 2013

In the former Soviet republic Ukraine a controversial video has surfaced showing the reburial of Ukrainians who fought for an SS division during World War Two, and the reburial was sanctioned by church officials and overseen by officials dressed in Nazi uniforms.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Austrian arrested for war crimes in Ukraine

Today, 19:40

Polish border guards have arrested an Austrian who is said to have fought in the armed struggle in Ukraine. He is said to have fought on the Ukrainian side against pro-Russian [eastern Ukrainian] rebels.

The public prosecutor in Austria suspects the 25-year-old man of war crimes. He is said to have killed rebels who had already surrendered. …

The man was arrested on the border between Ukraine and Poland, at the request of Austria. An international arrest warrant had been issued against him. It is unknown when he will be extradited to Austria.

Maybe the inspiration for this mercenary suspect were the Austrians who in Hitler’s ‘great German’ Wehrmacht and SS, along with nazis from the Netherlands and elsewhere, committed war crimes in the nazi Operation Barbarossa in what was then the Ukrainian Soviet republic.

This Austrian is suspect of having killed civilians as well.

AFP news agency at first reported wrongly that the suspect had fought on the side of the east Ukrainian rebel republics.

Death sentence for atheism in Saudi Arabia

This video from the USA says about itself:

Man ‘Sentenced To Death For Atheism’ In Saudí Arabía

29 April 2017

Read more here.

Atheism is far from being the only ‘crime’ for which one may get the death penalty in Saudi Arabia. Others are witchcraft, being LGBTQ, false accusations of murder, demonstrating for democracy, sex outside marriage, etc.

‘Flying’ frogs video

This video says about itselF:

Gliding Leaf Frogs – Planet Earth – BBC Earth

23 April 2017

Breathtaking slow motion footage of the male Gliding Leaf Frog taking flight. In slowing his descent he uses his extra large webbed feet like a parachute. It is later on when it comes to mating that we learn these feet serve an entirely different purpose.

These frogs live in Central and South America.