British police against anti-domestic violence demonstrators

This video from Brtain says about itself:

Domestic Violence: The Survivor’s Story – Southampton Women’s Aid

25 November 2015

Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in the UK.

Women’s Aid Southampton have been supporting women for over 40 years, but unfortunately all of their budget has been cut by the local government.

Last year Southampton Women’s Aid helped 269 women who experienced domestic violence.

388 people accessed the helpline.

52 women directly benefited from the Pattern Changing groups.

Without Women’s Aid hundreds of women in Southampton will be at risk.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Cops try to gag benefit sanctions demo

Saturday 22nd April 2017

POLICE told campaigners in Doncaster to “stop upsetting people” yesterday when they staged a vocal protest against benefits sanctions’ effects on victims of domestic violence.

The Women’s Lives Matter group held its second protest outside the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) office in Doncaster to highlight the suffering of women whose benefits are removed when they are in or have left an abusive relationship.

However, DWP staff responded by calling the cops on the peaceful protesters.

The group presented a list of demands to the DWP, including that domestic violence ought to be sufficient reason for an appeal against benefits sanctions.

Campaigner Louise Harrison said: “The police told us to stop shouting and upsetting people — we don’t want to shout about women being murdered, but we have to.”

She said one woman who is disabled had made herself homeless to escape domestic abuse, but had been made to sign on every day — which put her at risk.

She said she was “petrified” of being found by her abuser.

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