British Conservatives pro-forcing high heels on women workers

This video from the USA says about itself:

What Your High Heels Are Doing To Your Feet

11 September 2015

The pain is your feet trying to tell you something!

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Tories Giving Brogue Bosses a Free Run

Saturday 22nd April 2017

May flatly REFUSES to stand with campaign for law to support women facing pressure over high heels and sexist dress codes

SOLE-LESS Tories were given a kicking by campaigners yesterday after they stamped on proposals to stop sexist employers from making women wear high heels at work.

Responding to a petition set up by discrimination victim Nicola Thorp, ministers cobbled together a line that existing laws are adequate — but were quickly pinned as “cop-outs.”

Ms Thorp started her petition having been sent home without pay by finance giant PricewaterhouseCoopers after she refused to change from flat shoes to a 2-4inch (5-10cm) heel.

Ms Thorp’s suggestion of making such policies illegal attracted over 152,000 signatures in November and led to a parliamentary debate last month.

The Commons women and equalities committee investigated the issue and heard that women in heels were expected to climb ladders, move furniture and walk for great distances. Others were told to unbutton their blouses to entice male customers.

The committee sought changes to tribunal rules and called for in-depth monitoring of failed discrimination claims.

But arch-Tories insisted that existing laws address the problem, saying it was already illegal for company bosses to force women to wear specific footwear.

The government said that companies cannot discriminate between men and women and it plans to issue new guidelines on dress codes in the summer and raise awareness of laws for employees.

However TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady warned the government’s new guidance won’t be enough if working people can’t stand the cost of taking sexist bosses to a tribunal.

“The government should scrap employment tribunal fees so it no longer costs hundreds of pounds to access justice,” she said.

“This would mean workers can afford to put a stop to sexist dress codes in practice, as well as in legislation.”

The government accepted that some employers “knowingly flout the law” and has called on all employers with dress codes to review them and “consider whether they remain relevant and lawful.”

But Ms Thorp said the government should face its responsibilities as while discrimination is unlawful, employers are still allowed to set out different rules for employees by gender.

She is calling for it to put out specific new legislation to protect women from brogue bosses.

She said: “It shouldn’t be down to people like myself. The government should take responsibility and put it in legislation. “I do think it is a little bit of a cop-out.”

Fawcett Society head Sam Smethers said the government ought to go further and called for sexist firms to be brought to heel.

“What we need to address is the objectification of women at work,” she said.

“Rather than being about a professional appearance, dress codes can be used as a way to require women to dress in a stereotypical or sexy way.

“There is nothing smart about that.”

The equalities organisation has launched a sex discrimination law review and will be considering whether the law on dress codes needs to be changed.

Ms Smethers added: “An awareness raising campaign is welcome but the bottom line is that employers are still getting away with objectifying women at work. That has to change.”

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  2. Young resigns (again) citing media focus as ‘distraction’

    TOBY YOUNG has resigned as the head of a charity advocating the government’s disastrous free schools policy.

    The New Schools Network said yesterday that the right-wing journalist had quit because the role had brought unwelcome publicity.

    “Toby has concluded that the media attention [on] his continuing presence at the helm of NSN is attracting has become a distraction from the vital work it is doing and, for that reason, he has decided to step down,” the statement said.

    Mr Young is a sexist right-wing ideologue, whose years of making misogynistic comments sparked a storm of condemnation in January after the Tories picked him for a top job at a new universities regulator.

    He was forced to resign from the board of the Office for Students after a petition demanding his sacking gathered about 220,000 signatures.

    The New Schools Network, which is funded by the government, will is due to announce Mr Young’s successor shortly.


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