Donald Trump’s war on Syria update

This video from London, England says about itself:

Protesters rally outside Downing Street, London on Friday April 7 [2017] to oppose the US bombing of Syria.

Notwithstanding their vocal support for last week’s US missile strike on Syria, the European powers are increasingly coming into conflict with the US over trade and foreign policy: here.

A report by the British monitoring group Airwars has found that the death toll from US air strikes in Iraq and Syria nearly quadrupled in the month of March as compared to the last full month before Donald Trump entered the White House. Reported civilian deaths jumped from 465 in December 2016 to 1,754 in March 2017, a rise of 277 percent: here.

In the wake of the April 7 US missile strike at Syria’s Shayrat air base, the Turkish government is pressing for military escalation and attacking Russia for not withdrawing its support to the Syrian regime. In an attempt to restore its position in the Middle East and prevent the creation of a Kurdish state along its southeastern borders, it is seizing on the chemical attack in Idlib province and the ensuing US missile attack to escalate the drive for regime change in Syria: here.

US claims of Syria nerve gas attack: The anatomy of a lie: here.

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