Canadian women’s mandatory high heels abolished

This 7 April 2017 video about Canada is called British Columbia ends high heel dress code requirements.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Canadian waitresses freed from mandatory high heels

Today, 02:36

Waitresses in the Canadian province of British Columbia may finally wear sneakers to work, or whatever shoes they want. The law had to be changed to get there.

So far it was legally obliged for waitresses to wear high heels. After protest by the Green Party the rules have been changed now.


The case got attention when a politician of the Green Party studied the law. Andrew Weaver could not believe that it was still in force. “High heels are unsafe on oily floors in restaurant kitchens. And they’re unsafe because for nine hours you are having the wrong strain on your back and feet“, said Weaver.

The provincial government now admits that it also was a discriminatory rule.

4 thoughts on “Canadian women’s mandatory high heels abolished

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