Lindsay Lohan’s ‘burkini’ in Thailand

Lindsay Lohan in Thailand, Credit: Instagram | @awilloughby

By Stephanie Marcus in the USA:

04/05/2017 06:16 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan Wears A Burkini In Thailand

Not something we expected.

Lindsay Lohan has been vacationing in Phuket, Thailand, and wearing more clothing than one might expect.

The 30-year-old actress was spotted wearing a burkini before she went paddleboarding last week, according to The Daily Mail. The burkini was created in 2004 and allows Muslim women to uphold modesty traditions, though Australian designer Aheda Zanetti has said many non-Muslim women have bought the design as well.

‘Burkini’ is not really a good name for these full-body swimsuits:

1) They are very different from what Western corporate media call a ‘burqa’.

2) What Western corporate media call a ‘burqa’ is not a real burqa, but a chadari.

It’s unclear exactly why the “Mean Girls” actress chose to wear the burkini, though based on the photos, it did seem like she might be posing for some sort of photo shoot.

There is a vicious military dictatorship in Thailand. Banning everything from George Orwell’s novel 1984 to the New York Times. Arresting people for almost everything, from playing bridge to joking about the king’s dog to criticizing government corruption.

However, Thai police did not arrest Ms Lohan for wearing a ‘burkini’. Apparently, the dictatorial monarchy Thailand has not yet sunk to the level of officially democratic and republican France; where politicians ban ‘burkinis’ and armed policemen force women on beaches to undress for wearing ‘too many’ clothes.

Swimming is one of America’s greatest pastimes, but due to their visibility, Muslim women who wear a burkini face a huge risk of harassment. HuffPost spoke to over 30 Muslim women across the country who described a wide range of experiences swimming in America.

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