Terrorist attack on Polish consulate in Ukraine

This video says about itself:

29 March 2017

The Polish Consulate was hit by a projectile in Lutsk, western Ukraine, Wednesday, damaging the roof of the consulate and shattering the windows. Poland’s consul in Ukraine, Krzysztof Sawicki, asserted that the attack may have come from a grenade launcher.

Krzysztof Sawicki, Poland’s Consul (Ukrainian): “The shell hit the Consulate’s building after midnight, concretely to its roof, 20-30 centimeters above the window of the office apartment where the employee of the Consulate was sleeping. Thank God that nobody was killed.”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ukraine: Polish consulate ‘attacked by terrorists

Thursday 30th March 2017

THE Polish consulate in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk was hit by an anti-tank rocket overnight in what the consul called a “terrorist attack.”

A hole was blown in the building’s roof above a room where a member of staff was sleeping.

Police found part of a RPG-22 disposable rocket launcher nearby, and said the rocket was fired from a nearby backyard.

Lutsk, the capital of Volyn province northeast of Lvov, is in the western hotbed of far-right Ukrainian nationalism that glorifies WWII nazi collaborators who massacred up to 100,000 Poles in the region.

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