Bluethroat, avocets and godwits

This 2014 video is about Polders Poelgeest nature reserve in the Netherlands and its bird life.

I went there again on 26 March 2017.

Near the entrance, grey lag geese and tufted ducks swimming.

Black-headed gulls. A coot on the bank. Northern lapwings flying.

On top of the windmill, great cormorants resting.

Canada geese.

Many jackdaws flying.

A swimming great crested grebe in the southern lake.

In the northern lake, over a hundred black-tailed godwits standing; sometimes flying around. Probably just returned from Africa. Good to see them back!

Three shelducks. Shoveler ducks.

Mute swans. A gadwall couple.

Two Egyptian geese land.

Two avocets.

This is an avocet video.

In the eastern part of the lake, near the railway, many teal whistling softly. A male reed bunting sings. Chiffchaff sound.

A snipe. Good at hiding, but we still see it.

A grey heron. A moorhen swims.

A northern lapwing drives a magpie away.

A mallard couple. A chaffinch sings.

We go back. Along the west side of the southern lake, barnacle geese. And oystercatchers.

Finally, a special bird. A male bluethroat, probably just returned from spring migration, sings in a reedbed.

This is a bluethroat video.

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