10 thoughts on “Mass demonstration to free framed-up Indian workers

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  4. From the USA:

    After ten years of organizing, thousands of Nissan workers in Mississippi will vote next week in an National Labor Relations Board election on establishing a union. Management has stepped up their Vote No campaign. Join me in sending the CEO of Nissan a message to let the workers decide.

    Just a few months ago Senator Bernie Sanders traveled to Mississippi with Our Revolution President Nina Turner, Representative Bennie Thompson, Sierra Club President Aaron Mair and actor Danny Glover to march with the Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan and automotive workers in their effort to bring a union to the Canton auto plant.

    That effort is currently under attack, as workers are reporting widespread anti-union activity despite management’s professed support for fair labor standards. In meetings, one-on-one interviews, posters, mandatory video screenings, powerpoints, and more, management has threatened to fire workers or close the plant if its majority African-American workforce elects to unionize and join the United Automobile Workers. Sign our letter to Chairman Carlos Ghosn and demand Nissan end their interference in the upcoming union election.

    We’ve seen these anti-union efforts play out before, like the torpedoed effort to unionize Boeing workers in South Carolina earlier this year. We have to stand up to Nissan and ensure workers have a fair shot at organizing. Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn needs to hear your voice before this critical vote.

    Send a letter to the Chairman of Nissan

    The National Labor Relations Board has already found Nissan and a contractor agency at fault for their efforts to intimidate workers, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to stop a union before it can start. Workers already deal with low wages, unreasonable production quotas, and unsafe working conditions. We can’t let worker power be diminished to give Nissan executives an even bigger share of the profits.

    Click here to send an email to Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn telling him to stop interfering in the Canton workers’ union election.

    Thank you for continuing to stand by the Canton automotive workers and Our Revolution in our struggle for economic justice.

    In solidarity,

    Larry Cohen
    Board Chair
    Our Revolution


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