European bird news

This video from Malta says about itself:

4 April 2009

This video shows that birds can be enjoyed in the wild state in the Maltese Islands. Creating habitat, like Birdlife Malta did at the reserves at Simar and Ghadira helps birds to find refuge during their migration and breeding seasons.

From BirdLife:

24 Mar 2017

The Bird Bulletin

By Gui-Xi Young

Welcome to the first edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’ – our new weekly news brief. Every Friday morning, we’ll bring you bite-sized updates from all across Europe & Central Asia – now you can kick start every weekend with ‘what a little bird told me’!

SPRING IS IN THE AIR – Have you heard? Spring has officially sprung according to BirdLife Malta. Keen birdwatchers have observed teams of spring migrating ducks over the MaltaGozo channel: Ferruginous ducks, Garganeys, Pintails, Shovelers, Eurasian Teams [sic: Teals] and Wigeons.

INTRODUCING Ferula mikraskythiana, the latest cellular sensation to take the botanical world stage by storm! Yes, that’s right – biologists from SOR-BirdLife have discovered a whole new species of flowering plant in Romania. Read more…

Atlantic Puffin at the crossroads: alarm bells rang out when the iconic seabird was red-listed as being ‘vulnerable’ to global extinction in 2015. This week, marine experts gathered for an international workshop organised by Fuglavernd/BirdLife Iceland to address this dramatic decline. Read the RSPB’s report on Reykjavik here.

As William Shakespeare wrote “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Thousands of swans – the Danish national bird – have been killed by collisions with power lines in recent weeks. The area where this is happening has been dubbed ‘the field of death’ by the media. Our Danish partner DOF has posted heart-breaking visual evidence online; amid public outcry, the energy company involved has now engaged in a constructive dialogue with DOF in order to prevent further casualties.

Our ‘office’ bird is back! There are very few birds around our Brussels office so we are particularly fond of the little Black Redstart that frequents the hotel roof across from us. It is a migrant (to the west Mediterranean) and Wim Van Den Bossche, our Flyway Conservation officer, last recorded it here last autumn on 26th of October 2016. What a journey for such a little fellow! Listen to its high pitched song here.

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