United States Pentagon injures Yemeni civilians

This British TV video says about itself:

British and US-made bombs killing civilians in Yemen

12 October 2016

The airstrikes are precise; modern guided bombs from Britain and the US allow Saudi coalition pilots to hit any target they choose, anywhere in Yemen.

But these targets are all too often civilian.

See more here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Saturday 4th March 2017

THE US dropped dozens of bombs on al-Qaida targets in Yemen yesterday for a second consecutive day, allegedly wounding civilians and destroying homes.

According to officials the strikes focused on the central mountainous region where Bayda, Shabwa and Abyan provinces meet.

Residents of the southern Yemen village of Wadi Yashbum told Reuters that some of the strikes hit homes, injuring women and children.

An anonymous senior official in former president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s Riyadh-based government described the strikes as “openended” and said they raised questions about the objectives of such an operation. …

Bayda tribal leader Sadek al-Jaouf told the Associated Press that houses were bombed in the Yakla district — the area where a US special operations raid in January this year saw a US commando killed, six troops wounded and a MV-22 tilt rotor plane destroyed.

A total of 25 civilians were killed in the botched operation, including 10 children and nine women, casting an early blemish on US President Donald Trump’s pledge to end overseas interventions.

8 thoughts on “United States Pentagon injures Yemeni civilians

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