7 thoughts on “Greek austerity, Hungarian Jews, two new films

    • These two films about the reality in Greece now and in Hungary in 1945 and after; but also about the ideologies of Greek government, European Union etc. bureaucrats, and of Hungarian anti-Semites.

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  2. Greek power workers prepare to fight privatization

    Greek powers employees working for the Public Power Corporation (PPC) are due to meet at the end of this week to discuss plans including strikes to oppose the privatization of PPC—measures imposed by the Syriza-led government, which is carrying out demands from international creditors.

    Under the measures, 40 percent of PPC’s hydroelectric and lignite plants will be opened up to investors. The meetings will be coordinated by the PPC union umbrella organisation GENOP.



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  4. Thursday 6th April 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    GREEK Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras claimed yesterday that government negotiators are “just a breath away” from reaching a breakthrough in bailout talks with eurogroup finance ministers.

    However, he added that, if a deal on paying Athens the next bailout instalment fails to materialise at tomorrow’s meeting in Malta, the eurozone should hold a special summit.

    Mr Tsipras blamed unnamed negotiators among Greece’s European creditors and the International Monetary Fund for “moving the goalposts” each time Greece comes close to meeting approval conditions for the bailout.

    “We are not playing games here … that must stop,” he said after talks in Athens with EU Council president Donald Tusk.

    Greece has to agree to budget measures to gain access to its loans, but the latest bailout payment was frozen, exacerbating the country’s economic misery.

    Without that money, Athens will struggle to make a debt payment in July, raising anew the prospect of default.



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