Dutch museum buys Van Doesburg painting

Theo van Doesburg, Contra-Compositie VII

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden has purchased the painting Contra-Composition VII by Theo van Doesburg. The museum paid nearly 1.9 million euros at an auction in London.

Van Doesburg painted Contra-Composition VII in 1924 in Paris, during the heyday of De Stijl. The abstract work according to De Lakenhal is a striking example of the art movement.

“In the painting one can clearly see the influence of Piet Mondrian, with whom Van Doesburg after settling in Paris in October 1923 interacted intensively for a short period. …


Meta Knol, director of the Leiden museum, is very happy with the purchase. From 1916 to 1921 Van Doesburg lived in Leiden. He developed his avant-garde art there and founded the magazine De Stijl, for which the art movement is named.

Until now only five abstract paintings by Van Doesburg from the 1920s could be seen in Dutch museums. Many paintings from that time were sold by his widow in the 1940s to museums and collectors in the United States. Contra-Composition VII was one of them.

The Lakenhal is closed until the spring of 2019 because of a major renovation. Contra-Composition VII therefore is temporarily hanging in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The painting is 45.5 by 45.5cm.

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