Stop EDL nazis abusing our grief, child abuse survivors say

This video from Britain is called EDL Nazi Salute Compilation.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Rotherham‘s victims say: ‘EDL racist rallies are not in our name’

Monday 27th February 2017

VICTIMS of child sex abuse in Rotherham have made an impassioned plea to Home Secretary Amber Rudd to stop the fascist English Defence League (EDL) exploiting their suffering to justify hatred.

The EDL staged another police-protected “national” demonstration in South Yorkshire at the weekend but fewer than 40 EDL extremists turned up in the town.

They were outnumbered by at least four times as many counter-protesters drawn from Rotherham’s multicultural population.

Anti-fascism demonstrator Martin Hickman said: “From what I saw EDL had fewer than 40 people.

“It’s clear every time it comes its numbers get smaller. It’s also worth remembering it calls these national mobilisations.”

Rotherham has been targeted by the EDL, National Front and British National Party in more than 20 demonstrations over the last two years.

The groups refer to the 1,400 girls who were revealed to have been “groomed” for sexual abuse and exploitation by older men that were mainly of Asian origin.

Police and Rotherham Council were criticised for inaction long after the perpetrators had been jailed.

But the far-right groups continue to use it to create division and racial hatred by targeting the town for protests.

The victims and their relatives wrote an open letter to Ms Rudd asking her to stop the marches.

The letter states: “You will be aware that as children we were failed and ignored … If you remember there were 1,400 of us — that’s without taking account of our parents and families.

“Here we are having to be reminded of our abuse over and over again — not by the police or council — but by the number of marches in this town, all in our name.

“What right does anyone have to use our horrendous memories of our abuse to cause hatred and fear in our town?

“We are asking you to put something in place to stop these marches … We live with what happened to us as children constantly.

“This is our town, our abuse, and more importantly for a lot of us, the place where we are bringing our own children up. “Rotherham should not be defined by our abuse but defined by our strength and courage.

“Please help to stop this, let us move forward and be proud of our town and help it mend — we have had enough.”

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  1. Saturday 1st March 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    McCluskey rival scorns crusader fetishist – but where did flyers come from?

    UNITE leadership challenger Gerard Coyne’s “dog-whistle politics” was blamed yesterday for attracting the support of the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

    EDL activist Roy Higginson was photographed distributing Coyne campaign leaflets outside the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port, Merseyside, on Thursday morning.

    He complained that “lefties mobbed up and tried intimidating me” before he was asked to leave by security and the police.

    Mr Higginson is campaigning for the election of Mr Coyne, republishing his campaign material on social media while also attacking socialists.

    His Facebook account reveals a long history of EDL activism including video footage of an event organised by Mr Higginson to smear Muslims. Mr Coyne sought to distance himself from the right-wing extremist.

    But a source close to the campaign of Len McCluskey — the current general secretary of Unite — told the Star that it was no surprise that he had attracted support from “neo-fascists.”

    Mr Coyne, Unite’s West Midlands regional secretary, came under fire recently after he angered Unite members by writing an article in anti-trade union newspaper the Sun.

    And in an echo of allegations used to smear former National Union of Mineworkers president Arthur Scargill, he attacked Mr McCluskey over a supposed loan to buy a house in London.

    The source said: “Coyne has been running an anti-union and anti-Unite campaign that will attract people that want to attack the union.

    “He has said some dodgy stuff around free movement which is like a dog whistle to these people.

    “We know neo-fascists have an interest in infiltrating and undermining trade unions and have a history of trying.

    “But questions need to be asked as to how he got hold of Gerard Coyne’s election material and why he feels he has the blessing of his campaign.”

    Unite recently called on the Trade Union and Labour Party liaison organisation (TULO) to investigate allegations of outside interference in its election after Labour MP John Spellar made allegations over “irregularities” in the union’s branches.

    Union acting general secretary Gail Cartmail said Mr Spellar must “explain how he came to be in possession of private branch and member details of Unite the union.”

    The Unite4Len campaign said that the engagement of members of extreme groups is “alarming” and accused Mr Coyne’s team of trying to inflict “maximum damage” to the union.

    A spokeswoman said: “Cosying up to a group that peddles division and fear and violates the principles of the trade union movement really would represent a new low for the Coyne campaign.”

    She highlighted Mr McCluskey’s record on fighting racism, preventing apartheid-friendly ships from entering Liverpool docks as a young steward and said Mr Coyne faced “very real questions about his commitment to an anti-racist, tolerant society.”

    “Unite members will rightly be appalled that Len’s opponent is now being said to be relying on the far right to advance his campaign to discredit Len and their union,” she added.

    In a statement Mr Coyne said he condemned “the racism of this abhorrent man” — saying there is no place for this in Unite.

    Mr Coyne added that Mr Higginson “should be thrown out of our union.”


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  3. Tuesday 13th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Felicity Collier

    UP TO 1,000 far-right protesters gathered to vent their hate in Manchester city centre on Sunday night, anti-fascist activists reported yesterday.

    Anti-racist campaign group Hope Not Hate said it was the largest Islamophobic street protest seen for years, “creating scenes not seen in a British city centre since the heyday of the EDL.”

    Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson organised the misnamed UK Against Hate event, which was met with a counterdemonstration by hundreds of people from campaign group Stand Up to Racism, backed by Unite Against Fascism, trade unionists, LGBT groups, local councillors and the local community.

    Stand Up to Racism joint secretary Weyman Bennett told the Star that Mr Robinson had brought together far-right groups that have been split since 2011.

    He described those involved as “hardcore nazis” who were “seeking revenge,” having been defeated in recent marches in Liverpool and Manchester.

    Unite Against Fascism north-west regional organiser Paul Jenkins said that, at one point, some of the fascist demonstrators held up a pig’s head, as well as throwing bottles and making nazi salutes.

    There were reports that abuse had been directed at volunteers from the Sikh community who were handing out food to homeless people.

    Pritpal Singh, one of the volunteers, said: “It became really scary for us.

    “Our usual homeless crowd came to us saying they were starving, so the volunteers decided to move to Stevenson Square.

    “They continued tirelessly serving food, despite [the risk to] their own safety.”

    Greater Manchester Police said more than 400 officers had been deployed, including some drafted in from other forces. Eight people were arrested for public order offences.

    Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham took to Twitter on Sunday night to condemn those who caused police to be “unnecessarily distracted,” saying that they had been stretched to the limit as they continue investigating the recent terror attack in the city.

    Chief Superintendent John O’Hare said many officers who had already worked long hours had been forced to operate in “extremely challenging circumstances.”

    And Greater Manchester Chief Constable Ian Hopkins revealed his force was under “real strain” after losing nearly one in four officers as a result of Tory cuts.


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  5. Monday 4th September 2017

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    A PITIFULLY small bunch of English Defence League (EDL) fascists shambled through the streets of Keighley in West Yorkshire over the weekend under heavy police protection.

    Around 50 of them were met by more than 200 vociferous anti-fascists staging a counter protest on Saturday organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and anti-racism group We Are Bradford.

    The EDL staged a short march from Keighley railway station to the town hall where they held a rally, and were then escorted back to the station.

    The racist group had also planned to hold a protest in neighbouring Bradford on the same day, but it was cancelled following concerns over the distribution of leaflets to Muslim homes which contained threats of acid attacks.

    The low turnout of EDL members in Keighley was yet more evidence of the organisation’s continuing decline.

    In July they mustered only 30 at a rally in Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

    Unite Against Fascism said that the counter-protest attracted support from a wide range of groups including teaching unions UCU and NEU, postal union CWU, local Muslim youths and Black Lives Matter activists.

    “After rallying by the war memorial, anti-fascists marched as close to where the EDL were as was possible, given the large police presence,” it said.

    “Anti-fascists were from Keighley and surrounding area, unlike the EDL who were from various places.”

    Northern anti-fascists will mobilise again next Saturday, which is when the EDL is expected to stage a rally in Newcastle.


  6. Friday 22nd September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    by Mollie Brown

    I WAS honoured to have been asked by the National Assembly of Women to represent them at a march and rally organised by Newcastle Unites.

    An estimated 600 people took to the streets on Saturday September 9 in a demo organised to oppose a national protest organised by the English Defence League (EDL).

    The EDL’s “operation sanctuary protest” was called in response to sentencings in the recent child grooming case.

    However, the protest called by EDL proved to be nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to gain public support for their racist and fascist agenda, which completely dominated their rally and appeared to disregard the horrific suffering and abuse women face from vile individuals of many backgrounds, religions and communities.

    The EDL was attempting to use horrendous sexual violence crimes against young women to further their own agenda in demonising the Asian and Islamic communities; they were joined by around 70 members and supporters of the EDL, many from outside the city.

    They were met with opposition from hundreds of people in Newcastle.

    The message from Newcastle was loud and clear: “Justice for survivors of abuse, don’t let racists divide us.” The 600-strong march through the city centre was met with support from bystanders as people held placards stating: “Sexual violence has no race or religion” and joined in chants of: “Justice for survivors, EDL out.”

    The statement released by Newcastle Unites was endorsed by many organisations from across north-east England and beyond. The organisers were also sent a message of encouragement from Jeremy Corbyn.

    The counter-demonstration was an enormous success and highlighted Newcastle’s long-standing intolerance to racism.

    The speeches were moving, passionate and sympathetic; they touched on many of the issues faced by women in our communities, not only of sexual exploitation of women, but also further challenges such as cuts to police funding and closure of women’s refuges and support networks, and further recognised that the government needs to be providing safe havens and support for vulnerable women.

    Newcastle stated unquestionably that we will not be divided by scapegoating communities or by racism and fear incited by far-right groups such as the EDL. Newcastle will respond to these vile crimes as a united community.,-sexism-and-division-of-our-communities#.WcVhecZpEdU


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