Sudanese port workers, medics strike

This November 2016 video is called Strike in Sudan in protest against rising costs

From the World Socialist Web Site today:

Sudanese port workers demonstrate to defend jobs

Radio Dabanga reported that workers at Sudanese seaports demonstrated at Port Sudan’s state government administrative centre to protest job cuts. The protesters included 150 of the 600 port workers who had been dismissed by the state-owned Seaport Corporation.

Port workers demanded the rescinding of the sackings, stating they were concerned about the impact of the January dismissals on their fellow workers and their families. The company, responsible for maintaining the country’s three ports around Sudan, said they had dismissed only casual workers, claiming it is the way they adjust their operations in response to demand.

Sudanese medical interns strike over unpaid financial incentives

Medical interns came out on strike in West Darfur’s capital, El Geneina, on February 15. The recently graduated interns are demanding the payment of financial incentives, the form of payment they receive for work carried out in Sudan’s hospitals.

Some 34 trainee doctors have had their incentives stopped by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) claiming there is no evidence of their graduation from university.

The interns came out on strike after MoF reneged on a promise to resolve the problem.

These strikers are courageous, as there is dictatorship in Sudan.

5 thoughts on “Sudanese port workers, medics strike

  1. It’s interesting to note the role of port workers in the latest phase of protest. From 1949 onwards it was the railway workers of the Sudan who took up this mantle but the railway network has been neglected for decades.


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