‘Pro-human rights’ governments violating human rights

Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Reuters. A woman’s peaceful act of resistance during a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has become the symbol of a powerful moment in the Black Lives Matter movement

This June 2016 photo from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA is on the front page of the new Amnesty International annual report. It shows a Black Lives Matter demonstrator against police violence; who would be arrested.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, on Amnesty International‘s 2016/2017 report:

According to Amnesty director Shetty the French state of emergency is “deeply discriminatory” and more than 600 people, mostly Muslims, have been placed under house arrest. Also more than 140 demonstrations have been prohibited.

France in that is not unique, the organization says. Amnesty sees that more and more countries fiddle with the existing laws that protect human rights and fears a domino effect. “Countries that once had reputations as champions to defend human rights abroad, are now too busy curtailing the rights in their own countries, let alone to control others still.”

THERESA MAY’S “callous brutality” towards child refugees and the passing of “draconian legislation” has made Britain a “golden standard for human rights abuses,” Amnesty International warns in its annual report released today: here.

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