Racist British Conservative politician suspended

This video from Britain says about itself:

Diane Abbott: Beyond Downton Abbey

19 February 2013

See more of Diane Abbott at ‘What’s Left Now‘, a debate about the future of progressive politics.

In response to the hit television serial Downton Abbey, provocative Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott presents a less saccharine, refreshingly outspoken view of British history.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Councillor suspended over Abbott ‘ape‘ tweet

Friday 10th February 2017

A TORY councillor has been suspended over a retweet that compared shadow home secretary Diane Abbott to an ape wearing lipstick, it was revealed yesterday.

This came after Ms Abbott received misogynistic criticism for having told Brexit secretary David Davis to “f*ck off” after he reportedly tried to kiss her in the Commons’ Strangers Bar on Wednesday night.

Faringdon Parish councillor Alan Pearmain has been suspended and is facing an investigation by the Tories after the message he retweeted in December was reported to the Labour Party.

The original tweet showed an ape with the captions “forget the London look, get the Diane Abbott look” and “let’s get fatty back in a zoo!”

4 thoughts on “Racist British Conservative politician suspended

  1. Monday 13th February 2017

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    Top Tory under further fire over run-in with Diane Abbott

    BREXIT Secretary David Davis has tried to downplay “misogynistic and patronising” comments he made to a party colleague about an incident in a Commons bar involving Diane Abbott, it was revealed yesterday.

    After being accused of trying to kiss the shadow home secretary on the cheek in the bar, Mr Davis sent text messages to a fellow Tory MP in which he appeared to say he would not try to because he was “not blind.”

    It was reported last week that Ms Abbott had told Mr Davis to “fuck off” after he seemed to lean over to try to embrace her in a Commons bar.

    This was soon after MPs voted to trigger Article 50 and formally begin withdrawal talks with the EU. Ms Abbott, who campaigned for the Remain side, voted to respect the electorate’s decision and begin talks.

    According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Davis received a text message from the colleague saying: “Cannot believe you made an attempt to give DA ([Diane Abbott] a hug!”

    The Cabinet minister replied: “Didn’t, but the myth grows. I whispered in her ear: ‘Thanks for your vote’ hence the ‘F off’. I am not blind.”

    Mr Davis’s spokesman said: “This was a self-evidently jocular and private exchange with a friend.

    “The Secretary of State is very sorry for any offence caused to Ms Abbott, someone he has known and respected for many years.”

    But Labour MPs did not take Mr Davis’s remarks lightly.

    Jess Phillips said: “You’d have hoped this sort of misogynistic, sexist attitude had gone out in the 1950s.”

    Chuka Umunna told Sky: “I think it’s sexist, I think it’s misogynistic … It’s appalling.

    “This type of behaviour has absolutely no place in the Conservative Party or British politics full stop.

    “David Davis, he is a member of the Cabinet. What does that say about that party to the country, your viewers, if he is coming out with that sort of thing about a very respected long-serving member of the Commons?”

    Shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti, who was in the bar when the original incident happened, said: “I think that David Davis was very silly. He was sexist and he was patronising. He should show her more respect.”



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