Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch founded fascist organisation

This video from the USA says about itself:

2 February 2017

Neil Gorsuch started Fascism Forever Club in high school.

From the (very conservative) Daily Mail in Britain:

EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch founded and led club called ‘Fascism Forever’ against liberal faculty at his elite all-boys DC prep school

President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia is Neil Gorsuch reveals how Gorsuch set up club called ‘Fascism Forever’ at his prep school outside D.C. in protest at staff’s left-wing tendencies
Gorsuch’s club was revealed in high school yearbook which also featured him reading classic conservative text
Father of two, 49, prayed with president and Scalia‘s son, a Catholic priest, before being named as nominee on Tuesday night

By Alana Goodman For

Published: 03:05 GMT, 2 February 2017 | Updated: 17:48 GMT, 2 February 2017

Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch founded and led a student group called the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ at his elite high school, can reveal.

The club was set up to rally against the ‘left-wing tendencies’ of his professors while attending a Jesuit all-boys preparatory high school near Washington D.C.

The name may be inconvenient for a Supreme Court nominee facing a tough confirmation battle. However it also shows the depth of Gorscuch’s right-wing credentials – and his penchant for mischief while attending his exclusive prep school in the 1980s.

President Donald Trump nominated Gorsuch, a 49-year-old U.S. appellate judge, to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Tuesday.

Gorsuch founded the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ during his freshman year at Georgetown Preparatory, a now-$30,000-a-year private Jesuit school that is one of the most selective in the United States.

He served as president until he graduated in 1985, according to his senior yearbook.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has already said she will object to Gorsuch’s appointment, saying he was chosen ‘by far right activist groups that were financed by big business interests.’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi called Gorsuch ‘well outside the mainstream of American legal thought’ and Sen. Bernie Sanders said the nominee will have to ‘explain his hostility to women’s rights, support of corporations over workers and opposition to campaign finance reform.’

The right-wing record of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch: here.

Few Recall Gorsuch’s Volunteer Work at Harvard. Questions arise over Trump Supreme Court pick’s level of participation in programs to help less fortunate while in law school: here.

HOW PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP COULD DRAMATICALLY REMAKE THE COURTS He inherited double the number of court vacancies that former President Barack Obama did when he took office. [HuffPost]


14 thoughts on “Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch founded fascist organisation

  1. Thursday 2nd February 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    US human rights campaigners have expressed scepticism at President Donald Trump’s promise to maintain a ban on discriminating against LGBTQ government workers.

    The White House said on Tuesday that former president Barack Obama’s 2014 executive order prohibiting LGBTQ workplace discrimination would remain intact “at the direction” of Mr Trump.

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed that Mr Trump continued “to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he was throughout the election,” neglecting to mention the president’s fierce opposition to same-sex marriage.

    However, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said it was unconvinced of the president’s commitment to LGBTQ rights.

    HRC president Chad Griffin said that Mr Trump had done nothing “but undermine equality since he set foot in the White House.”

    Mr Griffin pointed out that “LGBTQ refugees, immigrants, Muslims and women are scared today and with good reason.”

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  3. Donald Trump has nominated a judge to the Supreme Court that The New York Times says is even more conservative than Antonin Scalia.1

    This is a stolen seat that rightfully belongs to Merrick Garland, not Trump’s ultra-right wing pick, Neil Gorsuch.

    But now some Senate Democrats are talking about giving in to Trump without putting up a real fight. Senator Jeff Merkley has pledged to lead a filibuster of this stolen seat, but Senate Democrats like Chris Coons and Joe Manchin have already said they won’t stand with Sen. Merkley.2

    Democrats have the votes to stop Gorsuch, but only if they stick together. Will you chip in $5 to help demand they stand and fight?

    Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to help stop this stolen Supreme Court pick.

    Ultraconservatives are jumping for joy over Gorsuch.3 This is a judge who ruled against the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers cover birth control. He ruled in favor of attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. The list goes on.4

    If confirmed, Gorsuch could be the key vote in overturning Roe v. Wade, upholding the Muslim ban, and on countless other crucial issues for women and vulnerable communities.

    And at just 49 years old, Gorsuch will threaten our fundamental values for generations to come if he wins a lifetime seat on the nation’s highest court.

    But Democrats—who essentially hold 48 seats in the Senate—can stop this nomination with just 41 votes if they stick together and don’t surrender like Senators Coons and Manchin want to.

    That’s why we’re launching a major grassroots mobilization of phone calls, petitions, and direct actions to demand that Senate stand up and fight to stop Gorsuch.

    Will you chip in to fund our emergency advocacy and organizing to stop this stolen Supreme Court pick?

    Thanks for taking action.

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, Emma, PaKou, and Pilar, the UltraViolet team



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