French politician Fillon’s scandal worsening

This video from France says about itself:

‘Penelope-Gate’ scandal deepens: Is this the end of Fillon’s presidential chances?

FRENCH PAPERS – Wednesday 01.02.17: The Canard Enchainé has more revelations about the “Penelope-Gate” scandal. According to the satirical weekly, presidential candidate François Fillon got his wife and kids jobs paying one million euros in taxpayers’ money. Is this the end of Fillon’s presidential prospects? Meanwhile, far-right leader Marine Le Pen is also in hot water over allegations of fictitious jobs at the European Parliament.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Fillon under even more pressure as damaging TV interview is announced

Today, 09:51

The French public broadcaster has announced an interview in which according to the broadcaster the wife of presidential candidate Fillon says she has never worked as a parliamentary assistant to her husband.

The interview from 2007 will be broadcast tonight. It can cause big trouble for Fillon. He is already under heavy fire because of the affair of his wife’s ‘ghost jobs’.

A satirical weekly newspaper revealed in January that his wife Penelope for years had been paid as his parliamentary assistant, while employees say they have never seen her in parliament. She is said to have made half a million euros this way.

Fillon, presidential candidate of the party Les Républicains, has from the outset dismissed the accusation as an outrageous attempt to discredit him.

Claiming his wife really had done work for her parliamentary assistant and magazine ‘ghost jobs’ money.

The French public prosecutor has started an investigation into the possible fake jobs. On Monday the couple was heard by police and offices in the Parliament Building were searched.


This morning, French media published a poll in which 69 percent of the French say that Fillon is not suitable to become president because of the affair. Of voters of his own party, the percentage is 42.

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