Women’s March against Trump, 11 March Amsterdam

This video from the USA says about itself:

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Confirming Sessions as Attorney General Would Stick a Knife Through Martin Luther King‘s Work

1 February 2017

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats managed to delay a vote on Jeff Sessions’s nomination for attorney general. The move comes amid continued protest against Jeff Sessions over his history of opposing the Voting Rights Act and his history of making racist comments. On Monday, about 10 members of the NAACP, including President Cornell William Brooks, were arrested at a sit-in at Sessions’s office in Mobile, Alabama. It was the second NAACP sit-in against Sessions’s confirmation where Brooks and others were arrested. For more, we speak with Reverend Jesse Jackson, founder and president of Rainbow/PUSH and a Democratic presidential candidate in 1984 and 1988.

From Facebook, by the organisers of the first Women’s March against Trump in Amsterdam, on 21 January 2017:

International Women’s Day [8 March] and upcoming Netherlands elections [15 March] fuel us to meet again, in solidarity, to show our numbers and support each others’ actions. We stand for the end of discrimination, equal rights for all humans and we value each other’s diversity and passions to create a world with more commpassion.

More information coming soon – save the date.

They announce another Women’s March in Amsterdam on Saturday 11 March, noon.

21 Women Respond To Trump Telling Female Staff To ‘Dress Like Women’. Reminder: There’s no one way to dress like a woman: here.

8 thoughts on “Women’s March against Trump, 11 March Amsterdam

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  5. Dear Avaazers in the Netherlands,

    He wants to close the borders, cut all development aid, including food for starving families, and impose an immigration ban based on people’s religion.

    No, not Donald Trump. Geert Wilders.

    This man is exploiting the genuine fears of our fellow citizens to drive forward his hateful agenda and change our country forever — and he might WIN the election (!!!). But together we can reclaim the Netherlands we love by flooding the streets of Amsterdam in orange on the 11th of March and show that we’re united in our diversity and no one will drive us apart.

    I’m in

    Women’s March – For the Netherlands we love:

    March 11th, 12:30
    Amsterdam, Dam Square

    It’s going to be huge! Thousands of women and men from all across the country have already signed on to come to Amsterdam and march together — imagine all of us joining in and creating an image that spreads across TV stations and newspapers into every city and town of our country!

    This election will be vital in setting our country’s course for the coming years. Rightwing populism is on the rise not just here, but across the continent — and all eyes are on the Netherlands right now.

    Yes, we’re a country of tulips, windmills, and cheese — but also of the most beautiful bridges that can unite us all. Let’s build the biggest one this Saturday! Join us and let’s light up the streets of Amsterdam in a bright orange.

    I’m in

    In determination and unity,

    Anneke, Lisa, Christoph, Mike, Alice, Daniel and the entire Avaaz team


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