French politician Fillon, scandals still worse

This video says about itself:

Pénélope Fillon: Parliamentary assistant? Or ‘assisted by parliament’?

FRENCH PAPERS, 27.01.2017: Did the wife of centre-right presidential candidate François Fillon get paid hundreds of thousands of euros for work she never did?

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

French presidential candidate Fillon cornered even more by revelations

Today, 18:40

The satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné has published new revelations about the income of the family of Republican presidential candidate François Fillon. According to the magazine two children have received 84,000 euros gross as parliamentary assistants. They were on the payroll as assistants when Fillon was in the Senate in 2005 and 2007.

Additionally, his wife Pénélope Fillon is said to have pocketed a total of 831,440 euros for two jobs on which is not clear whether she has ever done any work for them, which is 330,000 more than had been assumed until now.

“On the payroll for longer”

The magazine came last week first with stories about the so-called ghost jobs of Pénélope Fillon. The wife was for years employed by her husband as a parliamentary assistant. This is said to have been the case for longer than they have admitted up to now. Employees say they have never seen her, while she made over 500,000 euros with them.

François Fillon said last week on French television that his wife had been on the payroll since 1997. According to the magazine she was also his assistant from 1988 to 1990.

Pénélope Fillon is also said to have had such a fake job at the magazine La Revue des Deux Mondes, owned by a friend of Fillon. There she is said to have made 100,000 euros.

No email and no access card

The prosecution service is conducting an investigation into possible corruption by the couple. French police this afternoon searched offices of the Assembly, the lower house of parliament of France. Pénélope Fillon is said to have had have no email account there and not to have had an access pass, which is unusual for a parliamentary assistant.

See also here.

Extreme right candidate Marine Le Pen is in a similar scandal.

12 thoughts on “French politician Fillon, scandals still worse

  1. Mr Fillon and his wife, Penelope, were questioned on Monday over allegations that she was paid €500,000 (£430,000) as his parliamentary assistant while working in another job.

    The allegations could benefit far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen’s bid for the presidency in what is emerging as a two-horse race.

    But the European Parliament has ordered Ms LePen to repay €340,000 (£290,000) it says was improperly paid to her aides.

    A parliamentary letter to Ms le Pen published by Challenges magazine gave yesterday as the deadline to begin repayment of about €300,000. A second letter demands repayment of an additional €40,000 by February 28.


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