Demonstrations against Trump’s xenophobia, in the USA, the Netherlands

This video from Washington, DC in the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Muslim Ban Sparks MASSIVE March in DC

30 January 2017

In response to President Trump’s executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for a period of 90 days, tens of thousands of protesters amassed at the White House on Sunday, then, when security barricades and other barriers made it impossible to hold everyone, they marched down Pennsylvania Ave. toward the U.S. Capitol.

Many of the marchers stopped at Trump’s new International Hotel to lift an impolite finger and chant the words, “Shame, shame, shame!” The impromptu rally and march was greeted by police lines at the U.S. Capitol, where people called out Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for being one of the few Members of Congress to express support for the ban. TYT’s Eric Byler reporting.

Already Trump is super-charging U.S. militarism, gutting diplomacy, and punishing the victims of wars Washington started: here.

FOLLOWING EXECUTIVE ORDER, PROTESTS AND UNCERTAINTY “Late Friday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order forbidding millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of visitors and 500,000 legal immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States. Over the following 48 hours, massive protests erupted in cities and airports nationwide, courts temporarily blocked major parts of the order, the administration defied the courts and Democrats called for an investigation into the administration’s defiance.” [HuffPost]

THE FALLOUT Meet some of the people already affected by Trump’s executive action. Some extremist groups and ISIS fighters hailed the ban as a victory on social media. … and the ACLU received six times its annual amount of online donations this weekend. Airbnb vowed to offer free housing to immigrants and refugees affected by the ban. [Ben Walsh, HuffPost]

From the organisers of the demonstration against Trump’s policies in The Hague, the Netherlands:

In his first week as United States President, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to ‘keep out radical islamic terrorists’ from Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan. This means that from now on people (with passports) from these seven countries are not allowed to enter the USA, even if they have a valid Green Card. Thousands of innocent people are victimized by this xenophobic and dangerous measure. Lets protect our democratic values and stand up against discrimination and exclusion. Come demonstrate at the US Embassy in The Hague (Lange Voorhout [102]) this Wednesday [1 February] at 4pm! Invite and bring your friends

5 thoughts on “Demonstrations against Trump’s xenophobia, in the USA, the Netherlands

  1. Millions of us watched in horror this weekend as Donald Trump’s reckless Muslim ban went into effect.

    Innocent people–families who waited months for their visas, Iraqis who risked their lives helping U.S. troops, permanent residents who’ve lived in the U.S. for years–were detained in airports, or worse, deported.1

    From coast to coast, massive, spontaneous protests showed that Americans won’t stand for this. It’s critical that we continue to speak out and show Trump that was only the beginning. Here are three things you can do today:

    1. Call your member of congress and both of your senators. Our elected officials work for us, not Trump. They need to know that we are demanding they take action now to stop the draconian immigration actions by president Trump.

    Rep. Sessions – (202) 225-2231
    Sen. Cornyn – (202) 224-2934
    Sen. Cruz – (202) 224-5922

    2. Donate to the National Immigration Law Center. There are a lot of great groups working to stop the Trump’s actions and help those who have been detained and the National Immigration Law Center is one that you don’t hear about enough. They’re leading the legal resistance to the Muslim ban now and will be there to protect immigrants in the months to come.

    3. Find a protest near you! One of the rays of hope this weekend was seeing thousands pour into the streets and into airports to speak out for our values. But protesting can’t be someone else’s job, it’s up to all of us.

    These are dark times for sure, but we will get through this together.

    Thanks for taking action,

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, Emma, PaKou, and Pilar, the UltraViolet team


    1. Judge Blocks Trump Order on Refugees Amid Chaos and Outcry Worldwide, New York Times, January 28, 2017.


  2. Last week, Trump signed more than a dozen executive orders. With a stroke of his pen, Trump forced the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines back into the conversation. He took action to defund sanctuary cities, which provide protection from deportation for undocumented immigrants and families. And, on Friday, he signed what is effectively a Muslim ban.

    Over the weekend, thousands took to the streets, standing in solidarity with communities threatened by the executive orders and in defense of our environment. Today we need you to channel that same energy and passion and call upon our Democratic Senators to fight against Trump’s agenda.

    The nominations of Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions to important cabinet positions are troubling to Americans across the political spectrum. Our education and justice systems are cornerstones of our history as a nation and our shared experience, and they must be led by qualified people who will protect them.

    Democratic Senators must be bold and stand with the working class. Under Senate rules, up to 30 hours of floor debate are permitted for each cabinet nominee.

    Please take 5 minutes to call your senator and encourage them to use the full 30 hours for debate on Trump’s cabinet picks. Our very democracy is at risk — and we must fight back.

    There are 1,450 days until Trump leaves office. That means 1,450 days of fighting back against his radical agenda for our nation and the world.

    We’re fighting back every day for millions of people being targeted by the Trump administration. And we’re calling on Senate Democrats to step up and join us. Each Democratic Senator must debate each of Trump’s Cabinet Nominees for the full 30 hours allotted. Every hour the Senate delays is one less hour for Trump and his cronies to cause more damage to our economy and our values.

    Will you call your senator and encourage them to utilize the full 30 hours on Trump’s cabinet nominees?

    Our Democratic leaders should have the backbone to stand up against Trump’s reign of terror. That’s why Our Revolution is partnering with 60 organizations in calling on Senate Democrats to join us in the resistance.

    We need you with us in this fight. Thanks for stepping up today – and every day.

    In solidarity,

    Shannon Jackson
    Executive Director
    Our Revolution


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