‘United States soldiers kill scores of Yemeni civilians’

This video from Yemen says about itself:

YEMEN, December 2013, Field investigation

On 12 December 2013 at 4:30 pm, a wedding procession composed of 14 vehicles and 70 passengers was targeted by 4 missiles launched from a drone. Alkarama‘s representatives, accompanied by the head of the League of families of drone strikes victims visited location of the strike near Aqaba Za’j in the town of Wuld Rabi, a district of Radaa in al- Baydha Governorate in Yemen, and on 18 and 19 December 2013 met with families of victims and survivors of the strike. The delegation also visited the town of Yakla, where most of the victims originated from.

Like the autocratic government of Saudi Arabia (one of mainly Muslim countries which are NOT on Donald Trump’s refugee and immigrant ban list, though most 9/11 perpetrators were Saudi, jihadists in Syria get lots of Saudi money … but where Donald Trump has business interests) is not already killing and injuring more than enough Yemeni civilians

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

During a military attack by the United States in the south of Yemen dozens of people were killed. The action was [officially] aimed at al-Qaida. It was the first commando operation under the presidency of Donald Trump. …

According to local sources, dozens of civilians were killed. In addition, dozens of people were injured, including three US soldiers.

The attack was in the Yakla district in the southern province of al-Bayda and began with a drone strike

Last week the was the first drone attack in Yemen under Trump.

From Reuters news agency today:

Eight-year-old Anwar al-Awlaki … was among the children who died in the raid, according to her grandfather.

“She was hit with a bullet in her neck and suffered for two hours. Why kill children? This is the new administration – it’s very sad, a big crime,” Nasser al-Awlaki told Reuters.

‘Trump’s first raid in Yemen kills 14 men, 10 women, 3 children & 1 US soldier’, according to this tweet.

Trump, Obama and the future of targeted killing: here.

7 thoughts on “‘United States soldiers kill scores of Yemeni civilians’

  1. Monday, 30 January 2017

    US raid on the Yemen kills 57 as Trump prepares for war with Iran

    US FORCES at dawn yesterday carried out a series of ground and air raids against a village in the Yemeni province of Bayda, killing a total of 57 people, among them many civilians. US paratroopers parachuted in Bayda’s Qifah district and raided the Yakla village there, with some 30 aircraft such as Apache helicopters and drones taking part in the operations.

    ‘The operation began at dawn when a drone bombed the home of Abdulraoof al-Dhahab and then helicopters flew up and unloaded paratroopers at his house and killed everyone inside,’ locals told the media.

    This is Trump’s policy at work. He has just signed an order halting the entire US refugee programme and also instituting a 90-day travel ban for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. He did this while talking about learning the lessons from the 2001 Twin Towers attack.

    In fact this attack was carried out by Saudi nationals. Saudi Arabia does not figure on his banned list – nor do any of the Gulf states that have been financing the ISIS and the anti-Assad war in Syria.



  2. Tuesday 31st January 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    THE eight-year-old daughter and sister of two previous victims of Washington’s drone killing programme was killed on Sunday in a raid by US Navy Seal commandos, local reports have revealed.

    The raid on a compound believed to harbour members of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group’s Yemeni affiliate, saw one US serviceman killed — as well as 30 other people, including eight-year-old Nawar al-Awlaki, who was “shot in the neck,” according to her grandfather Nasser al-Awlaki.

    She is the second of his grandchildren to be killed by the US Her brother, 16-year-old Abdulrahman — born in Colorado and so a US citizen — was killed in 2011, two weeks after his father Anwar.

    Then White House press secretary Robert Gibbs defended the killing, saying Abdulrahman “should have had a more responsible father.”

    Sunday’s raid was ordered by new US President Donald Trump.



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