French racist politician Valls, buh bye!

This video from France says about itself:

More protests in France over expulsion of asylum seekers

Amid cries of “education for all” and “support for Leonarda“, protests will continue today over the expulsions from France of several students.

Leonarda Dibrani, a 15-year-old [Roma] girl who French authorities removed from a school bus and deported to Kosovo, has become a focal point in France’s ongoing migration debate.

Protesters are unhappy about how she was expelled and are calling for a revision of France’s immigration policies.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls defended Leonarda’s expulsion as fully legal. However, not everybody agrees with Valls, as some members of his own Socialist party have spoken out against him, accusing him of “betraying the left’s values with tough immigration policies”.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Benoît Hamon will be the socialist candidate in the French presidential election. In the second round of the primaries of the Socialist Party the former Minister of Education defeated former Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

With over 60 percent of the votes counted it is clear that the 49-year-old Hamon is well ahead of the more moderate

only if one calls Blairism, violence against trade unions and anti-Roma racism ‘moderate’

Valls. Hamon is on 58 percent of the vote and Valls on 41. Valls has admitted his loss.

The result is a blow to President Hollande, who was for Valls. Hamon in 2014 left the government in protest against the austerity policies of Hollande.

After the downfall of Valls, one should hope that the downfall of the presidential candidate of the neo-fascist National Front, Marine Le Pen; and of the candidate of the ‘center’ right, Fillon, will be next.

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