8 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Wall Street, xenophobia and torture

  1. Yesterday President Trump launched his first major attacks against immigrants. He announced that he would build a wall along the southern border with Mexico and strip federal grant money from sanctuary states and cities that protect undocumented immigrants.

    States and cities are going to be on the front lines of taking on the Trump administration’s attempts to target immigrants and criminalize communities of color.

    In California, Senate leader Kevin de León has introduced SB 54, the California Values Act, to create safe spaces and expand protections for the undocumented. This legislation would ban the use of state and local resources for carrying out the work of federal immigration officials in deportation actions.

    This bill is a huge step in keeping immigrant families together and standing up for those who are being targeted by the Trump administration.

    Add your name to say you support the California Values Act and to urge other states to pass similar legislation to protect immigrants from the harmful policies of the Trump administration.

    By working at the state and local and level, we’ll be able to resist Trump’s plans to mass deport immigrants and tear families apart. Immigrants are our neighbors, friends, family members and co-workers. They are part of our communities and this country is theirs to call home.

    This moment requires that we come together to protect those who are most vulnerable under Trump’s administration. Thank you for joining with us in that effort.

    In solidarity,

    Erika Andiola
    Our Revolution


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