Great egret on ice wins wildlife video prize

This December 2016 video shows a great egret on ice. Like some other birds, at first the egret has problems on the ice.

Rob Struyk in the Netherlands made this video.

It was a candidate, along with nine other videos, for the wildlife video of 2016 prize of Dutch Vroege Vogels TV show.

This video shows ten wildlife video highlights of 2016 from the Netherlands. Including a long-eared owl, a peacock butterfly, and more.

Wildlife filmer Michael Sanderson, whose work is in, eg, the BBC series Planet Earth II and in Dutch wildlife film The New Wilderness, has decided which of these ten videos has won the prize. It was a difficult decision, Michael said on Vroege Vogels radio this morning, as all candidates were good. Finally, he decided that the great egret on ice was best.

8 thoughts on “Great egret on ice wins wildlife video prize

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