Cooter turtle in Florida, USA

This video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

20 January 2017

Turtle at perfect balance on a sunken tree log. This Peninsula Cooter Turtle is so at peace and one with Nature it totally ignored my presence and continued to dream of flying. This balancing act is pretty impressive and I believe the point is to expose as much of its body as possible to a sun bath to cleanse and heal in the suns rays. Oh to be a turtle…

TURTLES’ TROUBLING STORY ABOUT CLIMATE DESTRUCTION Over-extraction of water to serve Florida’s growing population, plus extreme weather and pollution, are contributing to huge changes in the springs and the river ecosystem. Turtles’ once well-stocked underwater salad bar is disappearing, signaling trouble for the water that more than 17 million Floridians rely on every day. [HuffPost]

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