Stop commemorating Holocaust, German extreme right says

This 2016 video is called Engineering Evil – Inside the Holocaust.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

AfD politician: Stop commemorating the Holocaust

Today, 13:16

Björn Hocke, a prominent member of the right-wing populist

Journalists, stop using the historically wrong euphemism ‘populist’ for racists and neo-fascists.

party Alternative for Germany, has come under fire because of his statements about the handling of Germany’s World War II past.

At a meeting of the youth wing of the AfD yesterday he called the German commemorations of the Holocaust “crippling memory politics”. He wanted more attention for the German victims: “Our way of remembering must rotate 180 degrees.”

He also called the Holocaust Memorial in the center of Berlin a “monument of shame”. …

The president of the Central Council of Jews reacted angrily. “To describe the Holocaust Memorial as a monument of shame is shocking and unacceptable,” he told Bild daily.

See also here. And here.

This is not so surprising for an AfD politician. After all, one of the AfD leaders is Lady Beatrix Von Storch, née Duchess of Oldenburg; the granddaughter of Johann Ludwig, Count Schwerin von Krosigk. The finance minister of Hitler’s Third Reich from its beginning until its collapse in May 1945. Hitler rewarded him with the nazi party’s Golden Swastika badge. After the war, in Nuremberg, Count Schwerin von Krosigk was convicted to ten years in prison for war crimes and, eg, his role in the persecution of Jews in the Kristallnacht. Lady Von Storch was recently in the news for anti-Semitism.

59 thoughts on “Stop commemorating Holocaust, German extreme right says

  1. Wednesday 18th
    posted by Ben Chacko in Britain

    Widespread unease at ruling on far-right party

    GERMANY’S top court rejected yesterday a bid by the senate to ban the nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) for racism, anti-semitism and seeking to undermine the constitution.

    Federal Constitutional Court Chief Justice Andreas Vosskuhle said the party’s goals would indeed undermine the constitution but “there are currently no concrete indications that its actions will lead to success.”

    Mr Vosskuhle said that with only one seat in the European Parliament and none in the Bundestag the NPD was too irrelevant to ban. Politicians from across the spectrum expressed disquiet over the failure to ban the NPD.

    Thomas Kreuzer, head of the Christian Social Union — the Bavarian sister party of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union — said it was a “perfect fallacy to say that we allow radicals to work in parties until they are within the reach of their ability to achieve their goals.”

    Veteran Die Linke MP and Bundestag vice-president Petra Pau said the ruling came at a time when “a wave of nationalism and racism floods the country.”

    A newer far-right party, the Alternative for Germany, has exploited the refugee crisis — Germany has taken in over a million refugees fleeing war and genocide in the Middle East — to whip up hysteria against immigrants and Muslims.

    Ms Pau called for a “rebellion of the decent” who believe in “human dignity and civil rights.”

    Fellow Die Linke MP Ulle Jelpke was also angry, noting that the NPD was “a structural backbone of the violent rightwing extremist scene” and its inability to overthrow the constitution did not render it harmless.

    “If not for the state, the NPD poses a real threat to all those who fit its designation of an enemy,” she pointed out.

    “It is short-sighted to determine the threat posed by a party by its election results — they incite their followers to attack.

    “A prohibition would be a sign that our society is not ready to tolerate nazis.”

    Die Linke co-chairman Bernd Riexinger said the NPD would “put aside the chalk it has eaten” — a reference to the wolf from Red Riding Hood eating chalk to disguise its voice — and “do everything to fuel” a lurch to the right in public attitudes.


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