One thought on “Colombian political prisoner freed

  1. THE EXCEPTIONAL news from Colombia at the weekend that workers’ leader Huber Ballesteros has been released after over three years behind bars as a political prisoner is a landmark in the journey towards peace.

    Before being banged up by Colombian government goons, Ballesteros was a leader of the Patriotic March — a socialist movement demanding peace — and agricultural workers’ union Fensuagro.

    The two struggles are deeply linked, with the Colombian state using the insurgency as an excuse for bloody crackdowns on workers. It is obvious why: organised peasant farmers pose a serious threat to the wealthy landowners who dominated Colombia. A lasting peace can only be achieved with serious economic and political changes, as Ballesteros wrote in these pages 18 months ago. His release from jail is a moment to celebrate and to recommit ourselves to solidarity with the Colombian people in their fight for justice.

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