Racism, sexism in Dutch armed forces

This video from Britain says about itself:

Sexism in the British armed forces – Channel 4 News, 15 01 16

Rebecca Crookshank was a member of the RAF, where she experienced sexual harassment.

See also here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Soldiers sick of discrimination and sexism

Today, 11:38

Thirteen (former) soldiers have complained to the Ministry of Defence because they suffer from discriminatory or sexist remarks. This confirms lawyer Michael Ruperti in response to an article in the Algemeen Dagblad daily.

In the newspaper, eg, an Antillean soldier complains that he was told that he “should go back to the monkey rock”. A female soldier was told that she was a “tampon“, and was called a “first aid kit cunt” as she had to keep her mouth shut.


Ruperti speaks of more than 32 cases, and also today still people with stories about the culture in the armed forces are reporting. Some immigrant soldiers according to him have already asked themselves for a transfer because they are sick of the discriminatory harassment. …

In 2006 there already was research on discrimination in the military. It showed that many Dutch soldiers were against immigrants. According to Ruperti, little appears to have changed in ten years.

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