Anti-Trump demonstration, London, 20 January

This video from the USA says about itself:

20 November 2016

Occupy Inauguration is a mass rally and protest taking place in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day, January 20th-21st, 2017.

Regardless of who sits in the White House, the voices of the 99% will be shut out. From day one our movements will need to unite and fight to advance the revolution.

We reject the domination of Wall Street and the billionaire class over our society, and oppose this rigged political and economic system. We stand against both the fear that Trump represents and the corruption that backed Clinton. Neither party represents the interests of the 99%.

The goal of this action is to build a new independent coalition movement for the 99% that stands outside the stranglehold duopoly of the GOP and DNC. We recognize the establishments of the Republican and Democratic parties to be part of the problem, so we will not be inviting leadership from, or endorsement by them. We believe the 99% needs its own political representation that rejects all corporate cash and influence, and puts people and planet over profits.

We call upon the new president to act on these demands:

NO Mass Deportations! We reject Trump’s current plan to deport 3 million people and call for mass resistance against all attacks upon immigrants, refugees, and their families at local, state, and federal levels.

Stop ALL Attacks on Human Rights! Bring an end to all forms of discrimination and oppression against women, Black and indigenous communities of color, Latinx communities, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ+ people, and disabled individuals.

Black Lives Matter! Engage in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives to end institutional racism and police brutality. Acknowledge the value of BLM’s principles to guide law enforcement practices and affirm the demands of their platform. End federal funding for police militarization and the racist war on drugs.

Honor Treaty Rights for ALL Indigenous First Nations. Cease construction on the DAPL pipeline at Standing Rock and prohibit any further industrial operations on treaty-protected indigenous lands!

Get Money Out of Politics and End Corporate Rule! We demand a constitutional amendment be passed to abolish ALL “corporate constitutional rights” and “money equals free speech” that leaves for NO loopholes.

Healthcare is a Human Right! We demand Medicare for All and to pass the Disability Integration Act.

A Green New Deal, with massive investments in renewable energy and infrastructure to create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.

ACT Against Climate Change! Halt all construction of new oil pipelines and coal terminals, and place a moratorium on fossil fuel extraction including fracking. We demand a just transition for all energy industry workers.

Free College Education and the Cancellation of Student Debt.

Electoral Reform and Integrity! We call for a universal Right to Vote, a Ranked-Voting System, and automatic voter registration. End the Electoral College and partisan gerrymandering of voting districts.

End Too Big to Fail! Break up the big banks at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis and stop manipulation of wealth before the next economic collapse.

NO Permanent War! We call for an immediate end to the bombing of foreign nations, military bases occupying foreign soil, massive U.S. military spending, and the U.S. role as leading arms dealer to the world.

End the surveillance state!

Grant immediate pardons for all political prisoners and exiles including Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Mumia Abu-Jahmal, and Leonard Peltier.

Pass a federal $15/hour minimum wage.

Scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership! Should the TPP come to a vote, Congress should immediately vote it down.

Until these demands are genuinely addressed, we remove our consent to be governed.

Our first act will be a national bank exit call-to-action on January 20th. We call the American people to remove their money from Bank of America, JP MorganChase, Citi, Wells Fargo and all their affiliates.

Should our demands continue to be ignored we will proceed with further boycotts, labor strikes, and occupations.

We know that mass movements are how real change is won, and we are organizing in solidarity with the inspiring resistance at Standing Rock, and all Black Lives Matter actions. We feel that the voices of Black and Indigenous People of Color are crucial to issues of oppression we wish to address in D.C. during the Inauguration.

We invite you to involve and express yourself at whatever level you choose. We do not represent any particular party or group, as our focus is on movement building. This action is aimed to confront Wall Street directly and the RNC/DNC’s influence over our political system. We support, represent, and welcome a diversity of voices and concerns.

We stand in solidarity with our current endorsers and welcome other groups who share this vision to organize with us.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

20 January | London

No to Trump: Protest His Inauguration
Fri 20 Jan | 17:00-20:00
US Embassy
24 Grosvenor Square

Organised by: Stand Up to Racism, supported by Stop the War

Facebook »

On 20 January, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the USA.

The election of Donald Trump as US president means the most powerful office on Earth belongs to someone who promised to build a giant wall along the Mexican border, the expulsion of 11 million “illegal” immigrants and “extreme vetting” for Muslims entering the country.

Trump has a long history of racist outbursts. He has said ‘laziness is a trait in blacks’, described Mexican immigrants as ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists’, and condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter activist at one of his rallies.

He has also said women should be “punished” for having abortions, and chillingly sought to downplay the severity of sexual violence, dismissing boasts of sexually assaulting women as ‘locker room talk’.

The most powerful elected official in the world will also now be a climate change denier, posing a direct threat to the survival of large swathes of humanity as global temperatures threaten to cause climate chaos.

Trump also suggested he would consider appointing Supreme Court judges that would overturn the ruling on same sex marriages.

The effects of a Trump presidency is set to be felt all over the world as racism, sexism, homophobia and bigotry is normalised through the voice of one of the most powerful and visible figures in the world, and progress on C02 emissions targets dashed as one of the world’s largest emitters refuses to accept there is a problem.

Activists in the US have called protests for the day of his inauguration – we stand in solidarity with them and will be protesting at the US embassy in London.

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