Feral parakeets in Florida, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

31 December 2016

A wild flock of about 30 Blue Crowned Conure Parrots (Blue Crowned Parakeets) visit the Backyard feeders – there is no doubt when these rare visitors fly in as the noise is deafening. I had to get the camera without scaring them off.

Long ago descended from escaped or released pet parakeets, today isolated small flocks of Blue Crowned Conures live as wild birds in central and southern Florida moving about looking for food. It is questionable whether they are breeding as they live quite a long time, but I have seen them around the general area at various times for the last 20 years so I suspect there is breeding going on. It is mostly in January or late December when they visit here. They are quite rare to get in the Backyard, the last time was in late January 2014 when the Loquats were ripe. See below.

They are originally from South America.

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